If you are interested in leasing your equipment, Sierra Communications is able to offer you a variety of leasing options. One of the most common options we offer is the $1.00 buyout, 2 payments down. See Chart below for sample payment amounts.

There are many advantages to leasing equipment:

Leasing offers you the productivity of technology you need while meeting your cash flow needs. Additionally, soft costs such as installation, set up and service contracts can be included in the monthly payment.

Provides a Hedge Against Inflation - Lease payments are fixed and allow you to pay for today's equipment with Easier Budget Forecasting - Fixed monthly payments allow you to accurately forecast budgets. It allows them to pay for the equipment as they use it.

Preserves Cash and Credit Lines - Leasing is a proven way to conserve capital while acquiring needed equipment. Leasing does not tie up existing credit lines. It allows businesses to keep capital available for critical areas such as personnel, inventory or advertising.

Asset Management - In today's rapidly changing environment, leasing provides your customers flexibility in managing communication assets.

Contact your Sierra Communications Account Manager today to learn more about the leasing options available.